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Quit Smoking for Life Now!

Quit Smoking Moncton & St. John

Having consciously made the decision to give up cigarette / vape smoking, our effective hypnotherapy smoking cessation program will instill brand-new, positive thoughts into your subconscious mind - making it much easier for you to quit this bad habit for good.

How many times have you gone to sleep and told yourself that you quit smoking cigarettes, only to awaken and lite up yet another cigarette?

Stop smoking cigarettes, marijuana or vaping now with hypnosis!

Make your decision now to quit cigarette smoking with hypnosis and enjoy our natural, very effective and relaxing approach. Stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions are perfect for anyone that has decided to start living a healthier life with their family.

Consultation - Start by discussing your habit patterns.
Session 1 - Your Quit Date!
Session 2 - See how you're doing & reinforce change in 1 - 2 days.
Session 3 - Reinforcement after 1 week.
Session 4 - Reinforcement after 3 to 4 weeks.

As a NON SMOKER, you will feel so much better, healthier, and fitter; have more energy and vigor, become more socially acceptable, plus benefit from having lot's of extra cash to invest in more rewarding things for your life.

Nicotine sprays, gums, patches and vaping may appear to help due to the fact that your body is still getting the nicotine; nevertheless you either substitute one dependency for another or have the exact same withdrawal symptoms when you quit the patches, gum or vaping. Many have either heard the horror stories about other options or tried methods to stop smoking that just didn't work.

For more information on our Natural Smoking Cessation Program please refer to my blog post: Quit Smoking through Hypnotherapy.

Royal Hypnotherapy - Moncton, NB or Uptown Saint John, NB

Royal Hypnotherapy - Moncton, NB or Uptown Saint John, NB

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