Alert – Local Laser Therapy Business Posting Fake Kijiji Ads

Misleading Consumers on Kijiji is Wrong

Ask yourself this question: If you sent a private inquiry to a person or company in confidence and another unaffiliated party responded how would you feel?2017-08-10 (3)

It's unfortunately come to our attention that a local cold laser therapy business has been designing and posting ads on Kijiji as Royal Hypnotherapy without our knowledge or consent. (with our telephone number and address) These fake Kijiji ads were recently discovered and it appears to have started on or before 06/27/2017 based on the unauthorized ads we've reviewed on Kijiji (Ad ID 1278115507, Ad ID 1261529149 and Ad ID 1260481438.

Consumer Privacy Concern

The fact that potentially sensitive health related inquiries are being misdirected by misleading consumers with fake Royal Hypnotherapy ads is of major concern. While the phone number and address provided within the fake Kijiji ads we've seen are correct any messages sent intended for Royal Hypnotherapy would go to a local laser therapy business. (We have verified this.) So far there have been three different fake ads discovered with the intention of misdirecting people interested in Royal Hypnotherapy services. A person's reply to any of these fake ads could contain sensitive information and or other privileged client details that would not have been knowingly transmitted to this Laser Therapy Business. From what we have seen these fake ads primarily target smoking cessation and weight loss as they attempt to sell their own services in this area.

For many people it takes courage and the expectation of confidentiality to reach out for help improving their life and understandably so. Over the years clients have learned about our positive work through friends, family, coworkers, articles, expos, and advertising. Needless to say people trust and expect that all our electronic communication methods are private.

Since we take our commitment to protecting potential and current clients privacy very seriously the discovery of this fake ad scheme was very troubling.

Unapproved Statements / Images

There are also various statements and images contained within these fake ads that were not designed, authored or approved. Please reference our website or legitimate ads for approved content.


We feel that it is our moral obligation to make people aware of this documented deception perpetrated by this local laser treatment company without naming them publicly ourselves. Our goal is to bring this deception to light so unsuspecting potential or current clients within the Moncton, Dieppe or Saint John area are aware.

While we post legitimate ads on Kijiji ourselves with this discovery we encourage consumers to remain optimistic but be aware of potentially fake or misleading ads. In an effort to combat consumer deception and or scams all our legitimate ads now have our website link available. Please contact us securely via our website.

We consider this unauthorised use of our Royal Hypnotherapy trademark very deceptive, damaging and perhaps even fraudulent. As professionals we need to work together to help clients achieve the best possible outcomes and should always lead by example.

To be clear we are not affiliated nor do we endorse the effectiveness of cold laser treatments.

Please report questionable content or unethical practices to: [email protected] 

***Notice - Unnamed Company (we know who you are): Please Cease this Deceptive, Damaging and Potentially Fraudulent Behaviour Immediately.***

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