Phone Life Coaching Services

If you're located in Moncton or Saint John New Brunswick I look forward to providing confidential life coaching services within my modern offices. That being said many clients are taking advantage of technology and enjoy life coaching / natural integrative medicine services via the phone too!


Phone life coaching is actually very similar to in-office appointments with the only major difference being that our sessions are conducted over the phone or through Google Hangouts.

  • Great for people residing in remote areas.
  • Parents that can't afford additional childcare expenses.
  • People who travel frequently or have an extremely hectic schedule.
  • Housebound and/or disabled individuals.
  • Customized supplement recommendations sent via Fullscript online dispensary.
  • NutriGenomic DNA Testing without leaving your house.

Having the right life coach / natural integrative medicine professional working in your corner can help improve your life. - Dr. Maillet, PhD, ND

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