Royal Hypnotherapy ™

Naturopathic Service Fee's 2017

  • Initial Consultation - (60 minutes) $110
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Session - (45-60 minutes) - $110
  • Naturopathic Lifestyle Counselling Session - (45-60 minutes) - $110
  • Biopulsar Reflexograph® - $75.00 ($25 for additional within a session)

Discounted Program Package - Optional

  • Quit Smoking for Life - $525.00 SALE $359.00 (4 Sessions & Consultation)

Discounted Session Packages - Optional

4 Sessions: $420.00  ($105.00 per session)
6 Sessions: $594.00  ($99.00 per session)
8 Sessions: $768.00  ($96.00 per session)
10 Session: $930.00  ($93.00 per session)
12 Sessions: $1080.00 ($90.00 per session)
16 Sessions: $1,344.00  ($84.00 per session)

No Additional Cost (if provided):

Covered by most Insurance under 'Hypnotherapy' or 'Naturopathy'.


Note: Tax is not collected on Naturopathic Services.

We may provide other discounts or make arrangements with low income individuals based on their circumstances. It is our belief that the benefits of our naturopathic services (clinical hypnotherapy, parts therapy (hypnosis), NLP, EFT, life coaching) should be accessible to those in need. Prices are subject to change without notice and are reflected here in real time. Once sessions or packages are purchased they do not expire and are non-refundable. Our discounted program packages can reduce your cost and allow us to customize a long-term approach but are always optional. While most insurance companies provide coverage for our services there is no guarantee of reimbursement because an insurance policy may contain limitations or exclusions.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you should need to change a scheduled session.
Thank you